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What should you offer to increase foot traffic?

Posted by admin on Sep 20, 2011 7:11:00 AM

With LoyalBlocks, a business owner can run promotions to keep his customers coming back. He creates virtual punch cards on their mobile phones and sends out special offers they receive as soon as they walk in.

Having such promotions is key to creating and maintaining a long lasting relationship with loyal customers, who in turn not only feel that loyalty doesn’t go unrewarded, but get an exciting incentive to come back to what otherwise is considered to be a ‘routine hangout’.

Here are some ideas for special offers, each one with it’s own unique purpose:

  • Buy one, get one free e.g. A free coffee with every cake

    When you need a strong incentive to draw customers back into your store

  • Happy hour e.g. 30% off the menu between 4pm and 8pm

    When you want to drive foot traffic during those lonely hours

  • Giveaway e.g. Free cookies after 8pm

    When you want to make your customers happy, or when there’s something you have too much of

  • Menu item promotion e.g. 50% off our new ice coffee blend

    When you want to get control of what your customers end up buying

As you can see, your offers don’t only serve the purpose of retaining loyal customers, it can also be directly connected to your other business goals such as stock management and low-time reduction.

The business owner management interface (AKA the Dashboard) is full of these small and big tips regarding the management of your loyalty club, making sure you are making the most out of the powerful tools it provides.

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