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Tuck Shop's Convict Cordial to the Rescue!

Posted by admin on Nov 12, 2011 12:00:00 AM

What do you get when you mix a pleasant, restorative tonic with an exiled Australian convict? A Convict Cordial at Tuck Shop! With its exotic, healthy ingredients like elderberry, ginger, green tea and fresh orange, it was just what the LoyalBlocks team needed in our battle against the sniffles. Tuck Shop in 2 locations - 115 St-Mark’s Place and 68 East 1st street - has been offering the Convict Cordial free to anyone who joins their loyalty club @ LoyalBlocks….we couldn’t decide where to start, so we warmed up with sausage rolls and meat pies at St-Mark’s Place, and washed them down with Convict Cordials on 1st. We are feeling better already!

LoyalBlocks @ TuckShop NYC

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