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Last Walk-In of 2011

Posted by admin on Dec 31, 2011 7:30:51 PM

It’s only been a couple of months since we took our first steps in transforming the way B&M businesses interact with their customers, and we’re already feeling the world changing around us. With great looking location based services and loyalty apps sprouting in every corner of the city, we’re thrilled to witness how business owners have started adopting new technologies to survive the online retail revolution. The light- speed disruption of every aspect of traditional commerce is still as strong as ever, and it’s hard to determine which facets of our lives will remain recognizable and which ones will be completely transformed.

It is our strong belief that the next step in physical-space retail is the addition of a new layer, based on strong technology alongside a smart and accessible interface. If businesses adapt to how people interact with their surroundings, they will open new lines of communication with their customers, thus not only surviving the revolution but actually benefiting from it.

LoyalBlocks offers businesses such a layer: A platform that allows them to automatically interact with their customers, utilizing the mobile, social and viral channels that have become an integral part of our lives.

We mark 2011 as the last year in history in which you could walk in to a restaurant and not get the personalized experience you were looking for, the last year in which you could frequent your neighborhood cafe and not have your loyalty acknowledged, the last year in which a store had a special offer and just couldn’t find a way to tell you about it. 2011 will mark the last unaugmented walk-in. From now on, you should expect more.

Look for the LoyalBlocks sticker on the window of every merchant you visit. Starting 2012, you deserve nothing less.

Happy new year.

The LoyalBlocks team.

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