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Are You Giving Your Customers a Mobile Experience?

Posted by admin on Feb 16, 2012 5:25:00 PM

Are You Giving Your Customers a Mobile Experience?

One of the key aspects of customer loyalty is knowing how to enhance your customers’ experience. When a customer walks into your restaurant or café, there are several points of contact between your business and them, including your staff, décor, and any paraphernalia you might have on display, such as menus, specials, etc. But have you noticed how much time your customers spend in your restaurant on their phones?

These days, cell and smart phones are more than just a tool to communicate between people. Customers use their phones to interact with your business, whether you are mindful of your mobile presence or not. Perhaps they are checking out to find out if you have a unique dish worth trying, or maybe they are checking out reviews about you on

Mobile phone applications are used by savvy consumers to investigate what they are buying and what kind of quality they can expect from a restaurant and its staff. While decorating your place, having a cheerful, knowledgeable staff, having relevant displays and playing good music are tried and true ways to enhance your customers’ experience, why not offer your customers another, incredibly powerful point of contact by taking control of ways they can interact with you on their mobile phones.

Using mobile technology and apps, you can send out whichever message, deal, update or special you want, and they will receive it, creating a unique interaction loop between your brand and your customer. Now, if they like your décor, they can take a picture of it and share it online, or they can mention their visit to your business using social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These days, mobile phones have become the middle-point between a business, a customer, and both of their online presences, making it a great business move to create a unique experience for customers on their mobile phones.

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