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Molly's Cupcakes with a mission

Posted by admin on Mar 29, 2012 3:38:00 PM

Everybody loves fresh-baked cupcakes- they’re cute, small and sweet. And in the case of Molly’s Cupcakes, which made its first appearance in Chicago and now has digs on Bleeker Street in NYC, their cupcakes are award-winningly good. Beyond the 20% discount on their cupcakes for LoyalBlock’s users, there’s another reason to shop at Molly’s (named after the founder’s 3rd grade teacher). A portion of the profits are donated to schools in the community. And what’s more, for you creative souls, Molly’s lets you choose from their variety of flavours and create your very own cupcake! So get on down to Molly’s and enjoy a sweet bit of heaven, and get your philanthropic fix while you’re at it.

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