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LoyalBlocks Investigates What Came First @ Hoboken Cluck-U Chicken

Posted by admin on May 3, 2012 3:29:00 PM

The age old question of the Chicken or the Egg was forefront on our minds this week as LoyalBlocks arrived in Hoboken to investigate. The jury is still out on which came first, but at least we’re not hungry anymore! We began our inquiry at Cluck-U Chicken on 112 Washington Street. Founded 27 years ago by a student who wanted alternatives to typical campus fast-food, Cluck U has practically become a national organization, with some of the best fast-chicken around. We completely forgot our original mission as we gorged on heaps of addictive Buffalo Wings, and immediately joined their LoyalBlocks club for a free side. (We picked the Clucker bees, but there were several other tempting options.)

After waking up from our food comas, we realized that with all the chickens around, there wasn’t an egg in sight….Next Stop: EGG SANDWICHES!

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