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East Village Meets Noho @ Bao-Vietnamese, NYC

Posted by admin on May 14, 2012 2:43:00 PM

Lovers of Vietnamese cuisine, rejoice! Particularly if you frequent the East Village or Noho. It all Begins with Michael Bao’s famous Vietnamese Sandwich joint, Baoguette, on 37 St Mark’s Place. Here you’ll find salads, wraps and Baguettes filled with original twists on popular sanwiches, such as BBQ Chicken, Cat fish, and the signature ‘Sloppy Bao’.

Next, on top of his 1st Avenue East Village digs, the unstoppable Bao has opened a second branch of his Asian barbecue concept, BaoBQ, on 120 MacDougal in Noho. In both locations you’ll find Bao’s Asian-style grilled meats, whole and half rotisserie chickens, pork belly satay, chicken wings, beef ribs and noodles dishes.

The great news is that almost anything at BaoGuette and BaoBQ is under $10. And now, join them on LoyalBlocks and get a homemade Jalapeno Lemonade on the side, free. Talk about Bao-Wow-Wow!

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