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Firing it up @ LoyalBlocks with Hop Devil Grill, Company Bar and Bonfire!

Posted by admin on May 23, 2012 3:21:58 PM

We rolled up our sleeves, fired up the grill and hit BBQ season just a teeny tad bit early this week. After getting washed out by the rain, we fled to our latest clubs for our charcoal and grill-fix. We began on a healthy note, with brunch at Bonfire Chicken and Bugers, (404 6th av) where entrees are often grilled, rather than fried, to perfection. (and we also got free sodas with our meals on Loyalblocks!) After several hours rest, we unwound at the East Village’s Company Bar and grill (242 East 10th Street), a cozy neighbourhood bar with cute checkerboard floor, big, wooden booths, great food, lots of TVs and a FREE pint of Lion’s head on LoyalBlocks…Yeya!

After a productive day’s work, we hopped over to the Hop Devil Grill, (129 St Marks Pl) where the food was great, the price was right, and the vibe, genial! A perfect spot to hang with a group of friends, enjoy a beer (or 5), and do like LoyalBlocks and get a free Tequila with that sandwich!

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