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LoyalBlocks @ Bite: Superfresh, green&organic (supports local artists!)

Posted by admin on May 29, 2012 1:28:11 PM

Amazing creative sandwiches, super fresh ingredients, lots of combo options, green and organic! If that sounds tempting, then get down to Bite on 14th Street and 3rd Av., which offers a fusion of european, american and mediterranean cuisine where the “greens are organic, the bread from Balthazar, mozzarella from Joe’s Dairy, and croissants from Ceci-Cela”. Bite is a staple sandwich and salad joint for a slew of fans who write rave reviews such as: “I don’t quite live nearby Bite, but will often go out of my way just to satisfy a craving for one of their delicious sandwiches,” and: “The food is great and affordable…The roasted hummas is delicious,” and: “it exceeded my wildest expectations.”

If you are allured by both sandwiches AND art, then the 14th street location will be twice the fun, as it hosts a monthly art opening featuring local artists. And now, join up on LoyalBlocks for a Free Arnold Palmer or lemonade with Sandwich or Panini, and a free soup or dessert on your 10th visit.

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