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LoyalBlocks gets Thai @ Breeze Kitchen and Italian @ Caffe Buon Gusto

Posted by admin on Jun 7, 2012 1:27:00 PM

LoyalBlocks is going international, at least as far as New York restaurants go. Our trip around the world begins at the East Village’s Caffe Buon Gusto, an old-country style Italian restaurant with everything from classic prosciutto e melon and grilled calamari to pastas such as pomadoro and primavera. Caffe Buon Gusto provides a casual, café-style atmosphere, warm, friendly service and an outdoor terrace. And best of all, with LoyalBlocks, get a free glass of wine with your entrée every single time you come in!

Next stop was Breeze Thai-French kitchen in Hell’s Kitchen/ the theater district. The extensive and affordable menu and fun, festive atmosphere has been noted in the New York Times, Time Out NYC and more. This is a great place to eat before or after a show, or any time you’ve got that craving for Thai (some meals also come with a ‘decadent’ French twist). You can also enjoy great spring rolls and other deals when you join them with the LoyalBlocks app!

Next stop: Spain!

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