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LoyalBlocks: Waving the Green Vegetarian and raw-foodie Flag!

Posted by admin on Jun 21, 2012 10:49:16 AM

Deals aren’t only for carnivores! Vegetarians are jumping on the LoyalBlocks wagon to enjoy the perks at our variety of Vegetarian friendly clubs. But we’ve got even more Veggie and Vegan fun in store now that Rawvolution in the East Village, and Vegetarian Paradise 2 in Greenwich Village have joined up! Not only do they offer a boggling array of dishes to suit both newby and veteran Vegetarians, but if you happen to be a meat lover looking for a change, you might not even realize that some of their Faux meat dishes are purely plant based!

Rawvolution is a brightly lit, colourful space with helpful, knowledgeable staff who’ll whip up everything from tiger rolls, mini bagels, Mexican pizza, eggless salads, sloppy joes and even raw vegan burgers (which many new vegetarians consider the ultimate comfort food).

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