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LoyalBlocks meets Crouching Tiger, Ong Bak, and other Asian delights

Posted by admin on Jul 12, 2012 10:11:36 AM

We’ve been to China!!! (town). That’s because when you walk into Noodle Village, you feel like you are in an authentic Chinese eatery, with savory dishes like shrimp dumplings, Chinese Broccoli, Crab meat dumplings and braised beef tripe Lo mein that will transport you to a place more out of Crouching Tiger than Overheated NYC. With our recent zest for Asian everything, we got our Thai Kick at Cafetasia, where the Calamari fritters, Golden Sea Scallops and spicy beef salad could turn any modern college kid or young professional into Ong Bak in the blink of an eye.

We returned to China once again, in the West Village’s latest spot now catering to LoyalBlocks members, Niu Noodle House, which serves up (you guessed it!) high quality, top notch, fresh noodles.

Stay tuned for our upcoming exposé of Japanese Steak and Sushi in the city from the perspective of a LoyalBlocks foodie. (And don’t forget to check your smartphone to discover the great deals these places are offering new members!)


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