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Loyalblocks @ Sushi, Bento Boxes and Samurais

Posted by admin on Jul 20, 2012 12:28:20 PM

Question: What do Samurais, raw fish and bento boxes have in common?

A: They require good sword-handling skills

B: They harken to the days of pre-industrial Japan

C: They trigger cravings for Japanese cuisine

D: All of the above

And the answer is…C of course! Who wouldn’t want Teriyaki chicken and spicy tuna with purple sticky rice wrapped in white seaweed after watching a Samurai battle on horseback for seven hours in heavy armour during a heat wave?

And Loyalblocks has just the thing for hungry souls seeking to satisfy their cravings for deliciously healthy Japanese fare: It begins at the Upper West Side’s Imi Sushi, where LoyalBlocks members will find a plate of Edamame, on the house, just for walking in (and check our their Bento Box specials- a great lunch option). If you are more in the mood for 1 Free Yakitori with your Entree, then a trip to Sushi Hana (1501 2nd Ave) will do the trick. If you prefer your Edamame black with your sashimi and hand roll, then the Upper East Side’s Fujiyama is just what you are looking for.

Ready to eat yet? Ita daki mas!

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