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A perfect cupcake day

Posted by admin on Aug 7, 2012 10:55:00 AM

A perfect cupcake day:

Sleep in. Wake up. Go to Apple Cafe Bakery in Greenwich Village. Buy 2 cupcakes, get 1 cupcake free.

Stroll through Greenwich Village while eating a Carrot Cupcake, a German Chocolate Cupcake and a HummingBird Cupcake.

Stretch a litte, hop on train to NoRa Neighbourhood (North of Rapallo Avenue) in Middletown, CT. Walk into NoRA Cupcake Company.

Buy one non-traditional cupcake, get one free. Stroll through NoRa neighbourhood while eating a Mint Chocolate Party Mix cupcake and a Stickie Scotchies cupcake.

Head home. Make dinner rendezvous with a friend. Have a nap.

Hop over to Nolita neighborhood and window shop at a leisurely pace. Meet friend at Prince Street Cafe. Enjoy a refreshing entree. Have a free cupcake for dessert.

Stroll home. Stretch a little. Go to sleep and dream about cupcakes.*

*For your perfect cupcake day, make sure you’ve downloaded the free LoyalBlocks app to your smartphone.

NoRa Cupcakes

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