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Manhattan's British sweet-tooth fix @ London Candy Co

Posted by admin on Aug 21, 2012 3:11:14 PM

New York fans of British Sweets are mad about the the Upper East Side’s London Candy Co., Manhattan’s imported British sweets Mecca (we, for example, have just awoken from a sugar coma that we blame squarely on the sheer variety and deliciousness of London Candy Co’s offerings). From ex-Liverpudlians to seventh generation Manhattanites, everyone can find their British Sweet Fix here, whether it’s chocolate bars from Cadbury, Galaxy, Mars and Nestle, candy such as Maynard Wine Gums, Rowntree Fruit Gums and Licorice of all Sorts, or British beverages (Lucozade anyone?). For some stimulation between sugar-highs, try London Candy’s legendary Stumptown Coffee (espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, hot drips and cold brews, as well as bags of coffee beans whole or ground to order).
London Candy has also gone the extra mile, teaming up with local ice cream makers (Je & Jo among others) to deliver unique, high-quality ice-cream inspired by popular British flavors such as Earl Grey, Crunchie Cup, Banana English Toffee and the New York Times-featured Pimms Cup (made with actual Pimms!).
The cherry on the cake? Get a free coffee with your order using Loyalblocks! (If you’ve never tried Stumptown coffee before, we highly reccomend redeeming this token as soon as possible!)

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