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From the Aztecs to Brooklynites, everyone loves Chocolate @ Cocoa Bar!

Posted by admin on Sep 14, 2012 2:32:00 PM

Who would have guessed that when Quetzalcoatl* descended from heaven with a stolen cocoa tree in tow, the seeds of Park Slope and the Lower east Side’s Cocoa Bar were being born? By day, a comfy spot to grab lunch with friends, get free wifi, read a book or warm up with a hot drink; by night, a hip dessert and wine bar with outdoor events, art galleries featuring local artists, and more, Cocoa Bar is the go-to place for decadent chocolate pralines, truffles, bonbons and more. How does an Elvis Moo sound? or Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee (Crunchy butter toffee coated in chocolate and crushed almond). Well, don’t just sit there pondering about it, go and try a cocoa platter for yourself!

(And while you are at it, get 10% off your first purchase with Loyalblocks at both the Lower East Side or ParkSlope locations!)

A Note to Vegans: like the ancient Mayans, Cocoa Bar considers Vegan’s worthy of delicious gourmet chocolate desserts too, with delicacies such as the Oreo Cookie Crunch!

(*the Aztec deity silly.)

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