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Mr. Throwback, Vintage Detective

Posted by admin on Nov 30, 2012 12:20:24 AM

Oh the days of high-tops and satin starter jackets; white gogo boots and… well… you get it. Enter Mr. Throwback: Vintage Detective. If you’ve always wondered where in the world Vintage Knicks Jersey is…just give Mr. Throwback a call. At Mr. Throwback’s marvelous store of vintage delights, you can snag vintage sports jerseys or deadstock hats and sneakers, and be the envy of fans and friends. Thanks to Mr. Throwback’s sleuthing skills, there is always something new at his store, like his latest collection of footwear for the ladies.

Banish nostalgia and reinvent cool with vintage sports jackets, jerseys and other phantasmagoric vintage wonders. Drop in for a visit at 428 East 9th Street. (and of course, you’ll get a sweet deal there with the LoyalBlocks App!)

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