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Salon Pretty for the Holidays @ Jeffrey Stein, Shag and more

Posted by admin on Dec 17, 2012 5:14:52 PM

Get ready for your upcoming Christmas and New Year’s parties with these great Salon LoyalBlocks deals throughout Manhattan. Check out Shag in Chelsea, and Extreme Color and the prestigious Jeffrey Stein Salon on the Upper West Side!

Extreme Color (2490 Broadway), is offering a generous 20% off Christmas special, while Shag (144 West 19th Street) is offering 20% off for first timers. Meanwhile, if you aren’t a Jeffrey Stein regular yet, now’s the time to join up at their 2345 Broadway location! You’ll enjoy a free blow-out each time you fill up your punch card!

Check out the free LoyalBlocks app for Alice, Val El, and other great up-and-coming Salon deals in your area!




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