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Windmill Hoboken - Because sometimes you just need a really good Hotdog

Posted by admin on Jan 17, 2013 4:06:58 PM

Sometimes you need a hot dog. Not just any hot dog. A Really good one. The type that makes you want to eat breakfast lunch and dinner all at once and wash it down with a (free) soda while plotting your return. As one Yelp user writes--well, I won’t repeat it--but let’s just say, WindMill Hoboken is famous for hot dogs! Top them with ketchup and mustard, or get a little adventurous with cheese, sautéed onions and saur kraut. And don't worry if you're dogged out, according to our investigation, the chilli cheese fries really hit the spot or you can flash back to your childhood with crinkle fries and a burger. Windmill is right next to the Path train, with loads of seating space, even outdoors. You may even find yourself rubbing shoulders with the Kardashians, Bill Clinton, or other celebrities that have been known to drop in once in a while!

Keep an eye out on the LoyalBlocks app for Windmill Red Bank, COMING SOON!

Looking to balance out your last trip to Windmill? Have you visited one of our plethora of Sushi spots lately?!

*Fun fact: During hurricane Sandy, the wonderful staff at Windmill Hoboken gave away free food when the neighbourhood lost power.


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