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LoyalBlocks News

Posted by admin on May 23, 2013 3:18:10 AM

LoyalBlocks is growing so fast! It's becoming almost impossible to keep track of everything that has been happening lately. Here's an attempt to cover a few of the latest news, developments and updates.

We're Worldwide (almost)!
LoyalBlocks is now available in North America, Europe, and in additional selected locations around the globe. It's exciting to have a growing number of merchants, from all over the world, join us.

New and improved experience
We assume you already upgraded the LoyalBlocks app, and are enjoying a new, improved, smooth and rich experience.
In case you haven't, upgrade now - iTunes,or Android.
Open the app, and feast your eyes on LoyalBlocks' new look and feel (with a few additional surprises). The feedback we received from users has been very positive and heart warming. We truly appreciate anything our users have to say, so please leave a comment here, or contact us by email.

We're growing!
LoyalBlocks is continually growing. In the last few months we added a number of extremely smart and talented people to the team.

New(ish) pages in
We revisited a few of our webpages lately. Check them out:
About Us - A bit about the who and the what we are.
How it Works - The How It works page is a sight for sore eyes. Step by step, easy to read page, about the awesomeness of LoyalBlocks.

Read all about it :)

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