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SMB Marketing Tips: How To Make Your Salon More Social

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Jun 11, 2013 3:21:00 AM

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Everyone's doing it. Everyone's talking about it. And it can be embarrassing to admit that you don't know as much about it as the guy across the street. But here at LoyalBlocks we're grabbing the metaphorical bull by the horns and helping you out with some salon marketing ideas on how to use social media to help promote your salon.

  • There are so many social networks which have great photo sharing opportunities. Much of the work at a salon is visual, making it a great opportunity to take some photos! Use Instagram and share your photos to your Facebook page and Twitter account. If possible, tag your customer in their photo; their friends are more likely to see it and be wow-ed by their new haircut, manicure, or makeover - making them your next customers! We love Only Fingers + Toes Facebook page and photo stream - check it out for some great ideas of things to share on Facebook.
  • Share your "deal of the day" (or week, or month) to Facebook and Twitter. You'll reach a larger audience that way. Facebook actually has a special offers platform if you want to give your Facebook fans that little bit extra for their commitment.

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  • And on that note, why not run a contest or a raffle to your fans. You could ask people to retweet something you post on Twitter, or like a post on Facebook and then pick someone at random for a free treatment. The extra coverage you get from people sharing, retweeting, and liking posts should more than cover the treatment cost!
  • Of course, you should check out LoyalBlocks. A great tool to help integrate your clients' social networks into your business, LoyalBlocks makes it easy for you to reward customers for posting about your salon on Facebook. We'll be integrating more social networks soon, so find out more about how it works here.
  • Use Pinterest. As well as being one of the most visual social networks out there (which as mentioned above is really useful for salons), Pinterest has a largely female user base (some studies suggest that up to 80% of users are female). Set up boards to share your creations. Pin makeup trends, hair inspired by Hollywood starlets, and manicures to try at home. Don't forget to connect your website and other social networks so that people can find you on the web.

Emerson Salon in Seattle, WA, is a great example of a salon using social media to their advantage. The home page of their website connects to all their social networks, where they share a variety of deals, local news, and hair trends. Their stylists are also featured on the home page of their website, with their social networks also connected. Their social reach is so large that, as they told Mashable a few years ago, "it's rare for even a walk-in customer to come in and not have read our blog or seen our tweets."

That sounds like the kind of marketing we can dig. What do you think? How are you using social media to promote your salon? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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