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Celebrate Independence with LoyalBlocks

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Jul 3, 2013 12:27:44 AM

We're gearing up for our 4th of July celebrations here at LoyalBlocks. We wanted to share with you some plans, some memories, and some fun!



Pam, Customer Care Manager at LoyalBlocks

bbq A friend bbq-ing (and celebrating) last year

"I'll be heading to watch the fireworks on the Hudson with my girlfriend (and maybe a sneaky bottle of wine), and then hopefully will stay out and meet up with some friends. In the day I'm heading to a friend who has an awesome balcony where we'll be BBQ-ing - I love a good burger! Really excited for a day off to hang out with my girlfriend and friends!"





Grisselle, Account Manager at LoyalBlocks

Grisselle (right) and her sister on July 4. Grisselle (right) and her sister on July 4.

"One of my fondest 4th of July memories was when I was 14 and got to travel alone, for the first time! A friend of mine from boarding school had invited me to her family's timeshare at Captiva Island. While I love the big Macy's firework display every year, there was something magical about being on a small, beautiful beach with not too many people, enjoying a private fireworks show while sipping a pina colada (virgin of course!). A perfect moment in time!"






Anthony, Senior Account Executive at LoyalBlocks

anthonys fireworks Some of the fireworks we'll be setting off!

"For the 4th of July I will be sharing a house on the beach with 10 friends. I'll be putting a firework work show on for everyone on Thursday night with over $800 worth of fireworks."

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