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SMB Marketing Tips: Promoting your business on Twitter

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Jul 24, 2013 10:22:06 AM

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Twitter presents an amazing opportunity for business owners to promote their business and create a one-on-one relationship with customers, potential customers, and influencers in their field. But it can be scary - even Cindy Dwyer of FROYOS (one of LoyalBlocks' favorite merchants) admitted to us recently that when she started using Twitter she had no idea what she was doing. FROYOS has gathered over 300 Twitter followers in under six months - not bad for a Twitter newbie. So how can you do the same thing? Here are some quick tips on how to use Twitter to market your business - and don't forget to follow LoyalBlocks and say hi!

  • Get your customers involved - although it can be a little time consuming finding your customers one at a time on Twitter, it's worth connecting with them to let them know you exist. You can also add Twitter to your website and your even your offline marketing materials so that they'll know that they can follow you there.
  • Engage - there's no point in setting Twitter up and then staying quiet. It's a lively, friendly place - so get out there and make some noise (but not too much - you don't want people to unfollow you due to spammy and annoying tweets). Respond to tweets you receive in a thoughtful and polite way - especially if they're from customers or potential customers with questions about your business.
  • Market - no one wants to be bombarded by tweet after tweet from someone selling their services. But if you space them out correctly and couple them with engagement and conversation, there's no reason you can't share your deals and products via Twitter. Tropical Smoothie Cafe does a great job - combining customer support, customer engagement and great deals in their Twitter feed!
  • Be personal - at the end of the day, Twitter is a place to connect with people. Take the opportunity to show the personality behind your business and talk to people as a person - not as a corporation.
  • Use hashtags - this one comes with a caveat: only where relevant. Hashtags are a way to classify your tweets as belonging to a certain topic. So, if you have something to say about coffee, go ahead and hashtag it - but only if it really does contribute to the conversation.
  • Use pictures - although these don't always show up in the Twitter feed (depending on how you post them and how people are viewing your tweets), it's still a great way to get people's attention. Just made the best looking steak you've ever seen? Share it! Gave someone an incredible haircut? Share that - and get them to retweet you to all their followers as well.

This really is scratching the surface of the amazing ways you can use Twitter to promote your business and your brand. We'll be writing more in the future on social media and how it can help you, and in the meantime - share how you use Twitter with us in the comments!

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