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Merchant Monday: Lifestyle Dental

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Aug 5, 2013 10:08:45 AM

Merchant Monday is a series of posts from LoyalBlocks about some of our favorite merchants. If you’re a merchant and you’re interested in being featured here, please contact Joanna. If you’re interested in becoming a LoyalBlocks merchant, head over to our website now to set up your customer loyalty program.

Lifestyle Dental

Lifestyle DentalAt LoyalBlocks, we really pride ourselves on the variety of businesses our app works for. Lifestyle Dental - a general and cosmetic dentistry center in Preston, in the UK - is a great example of the flexibility that LoyalBlocks has built in. Lifestyle Dental was set up by Dr. Nadim Majid in 2008, a dental surgeon who wanted to start his own clinic from scratch. He really had the chance with Lifestyle Dental - he took over an empty space and worked on every aspect of the clinic, including the interior design, until it was ready to go. He wanted to create a welcoming, open space for patients, very different from "traditional" dentist clinics where patients are often nervous about what they'll face once in the chair.

In addition to decaor, Lifestyle Dental uses social media to make sure that they are always in touch with their patients. I don't know about you, but my dentist certainly isn't on Facebook. Lifestyle Dental not only has a busy Facebook page, but they also have an active Twitter account, a YouTube account featuring dental information and help from Nadim and testimonials from patients, and a Google+ account. They also have an active blog, where they post their newest videos and news about the clinic.

Nadim decided to start using LoyalBlocks at Lifestyle Dental to improve customer satisfaction and create a better experience for the patients. Nadim says that loyalty "means keeping existing customers happy and creating a word of mouth referral system." That's something that LoyalBlocks can help with, as we harness social media integration to allow our merchants to reward customers for sharing their experiences to Facebook. We believe that if someone is willing to recommend your business to all their friends, they deserve a little something to say thank you!

Why LoyalBlocks?

Nadim wanted a loyalty program that was easy to implement at Lifestyle Dental. The practice is already totally paper free, along with energy efficient lighting, digital x-rays, and digital cameras - all in an effort to be an environment-friendly office space. A digital loyalty program made sense to add to the forward thinking approach of the clinic. Nadim likes LoyalBlocks because "its digital, easy to implement, hassle free, there's no paperwork involved, and running costs are low."

Thanks to Nadim and the team at Lifestyle Dental, their loyalty program is up and running. They've only been with us at LoyalBlocks for a short time, but we're already seeing great results and are excited to keep working with them to reward their loyal customers!

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