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SMB Marketing Tips: Making Technology Work for You

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Aug 14, 2013 8:33:55 AM

overwhelming technologyTechnology is a funny thing. It helps us so much with our daily lives - it lets us communicate with phones and emails, enables us to get around with cars, public transport, planes, trains (and maybe even the Hyperloop), saves lives with medical devices and break-through's, and more. With every day that goes by our discoveries, inventions, and progress increase exponentially, as does our usage of these technologies. In fact, at this point in time it's hard to find someone in the developed world who doesn't have a cellphone and who hasn't sent an email. If you're anything like me, your phone beeps at least 10 times an hour - with another Facebook message, tweet, or email coming in. It can get a little much sometimes - and that's what LoyalBlocks is trying to cut through.

With a lot of the loyalty programs out there, a lot of the pressure is on the user. To claim an offer or punch a digital punch card, often the user will have to complete up to six steps before they can actually redeem an offer. Most apps will make the user:

  1. Pull out their phone
  2. Open the offers app
  3. Find the store they're looking for offers from
  4. Go into that store
  5. Check if there are relevant offers there
  6. Redeem that offer

That's a lot of steps. Too many steps - especially considering all the distractions that are probably going on while that's happening. Try ordering a coffee, getting a phone call, AND redeeming an offer. Or redeeming an offer while with a dog, or a kid that needs your attention. It's too much.

LoyalBlocks just walk in technologyThat's why LoyalBlocks developed the "just walk in" technology. We want to use technology to enable you, not to intrude on your life. By automating your business with LoyalBlocks, you're saving your customers time, effort, and hassle. Our aim is to make everyone's experience as easy as possible - so if we can eliminate some of those steps that other loyalty apps put you through, then that's what we'll do. So with LoyalBlocks, this is what the users experience will look like:

  1. Pull out their phone.
  2. Be greeted by a personal message welcoming them to your store and telling them what deal or offer they are entitled to.

Done. That's it. That saves a lot of time and effort - energy which can be better spent choosing what they want to buy in your store!

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