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7 Ways LoyalBlocks Could Help Game of Thrones

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Aug 29, 2013 9:55:23 AM

At LoyalBlocks, we're massive Game of Thrones fans. The life or death of characters makes or breaks our day. We discuss the merits of Arya vs. the evil of Joffrey. I follow Maisie Williams on Vine, and she makes me giggle.


I even named my dog Daenerys, and she often joins us in the office. We got to thinking - what would happen if Game of Thrones could benefit from LoyalBlocks? Here are seven ways that we came up with (one for each Kingdom). Read on, deep into our imagination...

(NB - this post contains spoilers)

  1. The Night's Watch would be better fed, because they'd have access to special offers in all the inns and taverns around the wall. Gotta get Samwell fed somehow!
  2. Robert Baratheon would still be alive. He would have had a great deal at an exclusive feast in the Red Keep. Why go boar hunting when you can get a free dessert, and more importantly free ale, with your meal just down the road?!
  3. The whole Qarth storyline would have been sidestepped. Let's face it, we hate those dragon-stealing Undying Ones. Daenerys could have used LoyalBlocks to get more ships for less money with our punch card, and bam - no stolen dragons. No fighting either (although where's the fun in that?!)
  4. Tyrion would be way richer. With the amount of money that guy spends on prostitutes and spirits in the first season, if he'd been drinking at a LoyalBlocks bar he could have saved himself a fortune.
  5. Ayra. Oh Arya. Our heart goes out to you. You've watched your dad's head being chopped off. You've watched your brothers bannermen fall. You've been living on the road, trying to pass as a boy. It's been a tough time for you. So here's what we're going to do for you. Buy more swordfighting lessons. Use your LoyalBlocks punch card to get the 10th, the 20th, and the 30th free. By which time you're a Syrio Forel VIP, and you get a reward - we'd suggest a Get Out of the Red Keep Free card.
  6. Stannis Baratheon wouldn't need to work with the creepy Red Witch Melisandre. That thing she does to get rid of Renly creeped us out too much. Stannis could have used the LoyalBlocks Facebook friends tokens to get Renly's bannermen to change sides without the weird shadowplay.
  7. And here's the best bit - LoyalBlocks would have stopped the Red Wedding. The most harrowing event that ever happened in the Seven Kingdoms would never have happened. Why? Well, obviously Robb, Catelyn, and the rest of the Stark bannermen would have been staying in a nice hotel just across the Twins.

The downside of the Red Wedding not happening of course is that this wouldn't have happened either:

Those are our ideas - add yours in the comments!

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