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Merchant Monday: The Nail Bar

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Sep 16, 2013 8:26:10 AM

Merchant Monday is a series of posts from LoyalBlocks about some of our favorite merchants. If you’re a merchant and are in being featured here, please contact Joanna. If you’re interested in becoming a LoyalBlocks merchant, head over to our website to set up your customer loyalty program.

EmmaThe Nail Bar

Emma Ferguson set up The Nail Bar just over two years ago, in Matthew James Hair Salon in Solihull, in the UK. She decided she wanted to go out on her own and have the ability to totally control her work life, as well as provide good quality manicures that wouldn't destroy nails - something missing from the high end nail salons in her area. She believes strongly in nail health, and pleasurable nail treatments for all her clients. Emma has a fine art background, and uses her creativity to come up with fun and beautiful nail designs for her clients at The Nail Bar. She also keeps her customers informed of the latest trends, and her latest services, via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The Nail Bar app


As a self employed, self starting store owner, Emma knows the importance of customer loyalty. She loves her customers dearly, and wants to make sure that they have a great experience with fantastic results. "It's amazing, meeting new clients and sending them out of my business with a shiny new manicure and a huge smile on their face," says Emma. She understands the importance of return business and how it impacts The Nail Bar, and told us, "I never take it for granted that my clients choose to spend their hard earned money with me. Given all the competition in the area they could go anywhere, so it’s a huge compliment when ladies return to me time and time again." Emma has built up her business from scratch, and really appreciates the clients that she has. She said to us "I am lucky enough to have a great bunch of clients, whom I look forward to catching up with every two weeks." Well, if that isn't loyalty to her customers, we don't know what is!

The Nail BarLoyalBlocks

The Nail Bar is a new LoyalBlocks business, but we're already seeing great traction and excitement from Emma and her customers. Emma had so many awesome things to say about LoyalBlocks that I had a tough time editing her comments. So here are her thoughts in all their unedited glory:

"I love that I finally have a great way to reward my clients for their continued loyalty. I had been considering a loyalty scheme for some time; however, I am all too familiar with losing punch cards, and even those fancy plastic cards! I’m also a bit of an app geek, so I jumped at the chance to offer my clients something smart. I love the functionality and that it’s all integrated with social media. In the short time I have been using LoyalBlocks I have had an increase in Facebook interaction. It’s also useful to have an accurate measure of my most loyal clients - and again utilizing LoyalBlocks features to reward these clients and let them know how valued they are."

I think she actually says it better than we do ourselves!

The Nail Bar is making great use of the variety of tokens that are available with LoyalBlocks. Emma has set up a Welcome Token that offers 10% off the next visit, as well as utilizing all of our Facebook sharing and invite tokens to give her customers more discounts and help spread the word about The Nail Bar.

We're really excited to keep working with Emma at The Nail Bar to keep growing her loyalty club, rewarding her customers, and having a great time doing it!

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