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Merchant Monday: The Salad Station

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Oct 7, 2013 8:55:40 AM

Merchant Monday is a series of posts from LoyalBlocks about some of our favorite merchants. If you’re a merchant and you’re interested in being featured here, please contact Joanna. If you’re interested in becoming a LoyalBlocks merchant, head over to our website now to set up your customer loyalty program.

The Salad StationThe Salad Station

The Salad Station is a group of restaurants based in Louisiana, opened in 2012 by mother and son team Cindy and Scott Henderson. Cindy comes from a farming family, and has three stores for the family's fresh produce called Berry Town Produce. Scott has restaurant experience after opening Buddies Bar & Grill, an award winning steak restaurant, two years after leaving high school.

Cindy and Scott actually came up with the idea of a salad restaurant separately, but after speaking about their visions decided to work together to make their dreams a reality. After opening the Fagan Drive, in Hammond LA, location in 2012, the success of The Salad Station led to the opening of three other locations in Louisiana - one more in Hammond, one in Mandeville, and one in Covington.

All branches of The Salad Station are bustling throughout the week, and with over 80 ingredients to choose from, all fresh and direct from local farms, it's no surprise. They also serve a variety of soups each day, with a different Soup of the Day each day.

The Salad Station


The team at The Salad Station started working with us in April. They've accumulated nearly 2,000 members in their loyalty clubs, and around 7,500 walk-ins in the five months they've been working with us. They have a great Welcome Token, which offers customers a free small soup - something that customers may not have thought to order from them to start with. This way they get customers to try something new, and hopefully come back for more in the future. They've given away 1,538 portions of soup - which is over 12,000 oz. of hot, delicious goodness. That's a lot of soup! They also have a punch card which customers can complete in 5 punches, after which they receive $5 off their order. They've electronically clicked their way through nearly 700 punch cards at this point - which is $3,000 of free goodies they've given away to loyal customers.
We love working with The Salad Station, who really understand that loyalty is the way forward. They offer their customers big enough (but still manageable) discounts to really make a difference and show that they want to reward loyalty at their business. They are great at recruiting customers to their loyalty program, with advertisements both in-store and on their website and Facebook page. They even post pictures of people who make it into their exclusive VIP club with LoyalBlocks - that's people like Jonathan Lascari who have visited The Salad Station over 50 times (congrats Jonathan!)

We're looking forward to helping Cindy and Scott keep growing The Salad Station over time and providing more goodies for more loyal customers along the way.

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