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SMB Marketing Tips: 10 Ways to Make Your Punch Card Even Better

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Oct 9, 2013 10:26:48 AM

One of the many ways that LoyalBlocks helps you improve customer loyalty in your store is our punch card. So, how do you make that awesome punch card your business has going even better than it is at the moment? You can really improve loyalty and customer return rates if you do it right, so read our tips on how to make your punch card work for you!

  1. Statistics show that people come back to stores more often if they're closer to completing their reward cards. We let you set up a 5 punch card or a 10 punch card - we're seeing that the 5 hole punch cards are getting filled quicker (i.e. more than twice as fast) than the 10 hole cards. People are coming back more often because they're always closer to a reward.
  2. Go digital! If you're still using paper punch cards, you're way behind the times. Digital punch cards give you less to keep track of on your end, and make your customers' lives easier too.
  3. Give away something tangible. People seem to prefer actual gifts as opposed to discounts.
  4. Make your giveaway exclusive by keeping a special product that can't be bought for a completed punch card.
  5. Make your customers who have completed a punch card feel special - after all, their loyalty is helping your business. Mention them in your newsletter, or create a space in your store when you show off your awesome customers to the world.
  6. Encourage your customers to post on Facebook or tweet about their free gift - that way you're thanking them but also getting social media coverage about your generosity.
  7. Give away something in addition to the stated reward. This won't give customers a reason to work for it - but it will create surprise and happiness on their end when they do receive the reward, and make them feel even more valued. They're more likely to come back for more if they feel that you're genuinely rewarding them for their loyalty.
  8. Promote your loyalty program. Sometimes it's as simple as that - customers need to know about your program in order to take part! Let them know both in-store and online that by joining your loyalty club they can get great rewards - there's no reason to say no!
  9. Contact your customers to remind them how many punches their card has. This isn't something that you should to too often, as no one wants to be bombarded by emails, but at the same time it can't hurt to give your customers a push in the right direction every so often. This is actually something you can do directly from your LoyalBlocks Dashboard, so give it a go today.
  10. Take a good look at what your customers want. Different stores excel at different things, so what works for your neighbor or even your competitor may not work for you. Isolate your most popular product - is this something you can give away at the end of a punch card?

However you decide to optimize your punch card, don't forget that the staff at LoyalBlocks are always there for advice or ideas to help you encourage more loyalty among your customers.

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