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Merchant Monday: The Zen Zone

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Oct 28, 2013 10:24:49 AM

Merchant Monday is a series of posts from LoyalBlocks about some of our favorite merchants. If you’re interested in being featured here, please contact Joanna. If you’re interested in becoming a LoyalBlocks merchant, head over to our website now to set up your customer loyalty program.

The Zen Zone

Jaclyn Cornelius, a massage therapist, opened The Zen Zone very recently in Rockwell, Texas. Jaclyn has been a licensed massage therapist for four years and is very passionate about her work and the importance of massage therapy. As a new business owner she's working to build a base of loyal, happy customers at The Zen Zone. She connects with her customers via her website, her Facebook page, her Twitter account, and of course using LoyalBlocks.

The Zen ZoneLoyalty

We spoke to Jaclyn about her attitude and approach to loyalty, and she had a lot to share with us. "As a therapist, I care for my clients' health and well being," she said. "I can see when my clients choose to take care of their bodies, minds, and spirits through regular massage - and I encourage them to keep themselves healthy by rewarding them with discounts and exclusive loyalty rewards." That seems like pretty good reasoning to us - not only will rewarding customers encourage them to come back to The Zen Zone and grow her business, Jaclyn also encourages healthy behavior among her clients with her rewards.

She spoke to us about who she most likes to work with. Jaclyn says that the ideal therapist finds the spots that hurt or hold the most tension and are able to release it, while relaxing you and making you feel as peaceful as possible. These are the clients who challenge her the most, and who she can in turn help the most.


The Zen Zone is new to LoyalBlocks but has already made headway with tokens and publicizing the program. Jaclyn has included posts about LoyalBlocks on her website home page, as well as sharing tweets and Facebook posts about the special deals that customers can get if they join her loyalty club.

"What I like about LoyalBlocks is that it helps me to create a reward system to share with my clients and promote a healthy lifestyle," says Jaclyn. "Also, it's all stored and calculated electronically so I don't have to keep track of who has visited how many times and who gets what."

We wish you the best of luck with The Zen Zone going forward Jaclyn, and we're looking forward to working with you to grow your customer base and keep them happy!

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