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SMB Marketing Tips: How to Have a Spooky Halloween at Your Store

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Oct 29, 2013 9:09:13 AM

It's Halloween in just two days, and here in the LoyalBlocks office we're busy planning our outfits and what we'll be doing to celebrate. It can be hard to think of how to celebrate Halloween at your business and can be really important - Andrew Lynch, one of our territory manager's in DC says "I like going into a place around the Holidays and seeing they are in the Holiday Spirit. Having a bucket of candy out or some Halloween decorations makes me feel like they are trying to make a connection with their community." We came up with some ideas of our own that we wanted to share with you!

  1. Decorate your desk/counter/styling stations - we're not saying scare the customers away (like this Brooklyn Halloween display seems to be doing), but come up with something fun, something classy, or something cute to show that you're embracing the spirit of the day at your store.
  2. Themed food and treats - if you serve food, add some Halloween spice into the mix. Whether it's something easy like a clementine with a green pipe cleaner in the middle, or something that takes more time to prepare like one of these amazing cupcakes, even if you don't serve food on a regular day you can make an exception for Halloween. If you're rushed for time or don't want to draw too much attention to it, how about just leaving a bowl of candy corns at reception?
  3. Costume contest - arrange a contest between people working at your store to see who has the best costume. You can even open this up to customers, and offer whoever has the best costume of the day a free meal, haircut, or other service next time they come in.
  4. Pumpkin carving workshop - if you have a busy store where people are always coming and going, invite them to carve a pumpkin with you. You can provide the pumpkins for free, and only charge if people want to take them home. If not, you can use them to decorate your store!
  5. halloween mcfaddensOffer special deals - why not set up a Halloween special? McFadden's Saloon in New York is throwing a party with special deals and drinks all night. Some of our other awesome merchants have come up with special products for Halloween, like this Spider Bite Apple from Aly's Apples, or these terrifying cupcakes from NoRa Cupcake Company.
  6. Share your Halloween - take photos of your staff and guests who come dressed in costume and share across your social channels. You'll get a lot of fun likes and comments, and show people that you have a sense of fun and can enjoy your work!
  7. Spread the love - volunteering may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Halloween, but there are plenty of people out there who could do with some help celebrating. Why not be in touch with your local hospital and see if the children's ward needs help trick or treating, or see if the local soup kitchen is running a special Halloween program?
  8. There's an app for that - need a little extra help celebrating Halloween? Want to give the kids on your store an extra edge? Here are some ideas for Halloween themed apps which might be able to help you out.

Well, we hope that helps! We'd love to see how you're celebrating - so share your plans and pics in the comments! Have a spook-tastic Halloween!

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