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LoyalBlocks 101: Happy Hour Token

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Oct 31, 2013 9:14:16 AM

In this blog series, we take a look at different LoyalBlocks features and explain what they can do for your business. We want to make your LoyalBlocks experience as seamless and easy as possible.

Happy Hour Token

In this post, we're going to take a look at our Happy Hour Token - a LoyalBlocks exclusive which lets you set up a highly customized token to help increase business at your store in your slow hours. As well as getting new customers and increasing the loyalty of those you already have, we want to help you grow the business you currently have in a way which works for you. By encouraging customers to come in during slow hours, you make the most of your time and are also able to give your customers better service - making them happier.

How to Use It

To use this token, you want to start by isolating the business hours which are slower for you. We know that all our businesses have different requirements, and so you can select this based on the day of the week and times that you'd like here. Shear Artistry Salon is a great example of merchants using this token to drive more business to their stores in slow hours, offering 20% off all products and $20 off any facial or Brazilian wax any day of the week between 11 am and 4 pm. The Tap Room also uses the Happy Hour Token well, offering deals every day between 4-7 pm including $1 off pints and $2 off pitchers. Offering these deals provides incentives for customers to arrive a little earlier and buy a little more than they usually would. Shear Artistry particularly is a great deal, giving customers a reason to come for a treatment, and then offering them a special deal if they buy something else while they're there.

How to Set It Up

You can add a Happy Hour Token in the Tokens section of your Dashboard.

happy hour token


Simply select from the drop down menus between which hours you'd like your token to run, and then select which days you'd like to offer it on. Fill in what deal you'd like to offer, hit publish, and you're all set!


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