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SMB Marketing Tips: Using Pinterest to Market Your Business - Part 1

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Nov 13, 2013 8:21:46 AM

Pinterest is a fairly new addition to the social marketing world. After launching in March 2010, Pinterest had 70 million users as of October 2013, and over 27 million unique visitors and 220 million page views a day - which should make you sit up and pay attention. Even if you think Pinterest isn't for your business, there are some great reasons to make use of it as a marketing tool - and to do it right.

So how do you do it right? Here are some ideas of things you can pin, even if they aren't strictly related to your business:

  • If you're a beauty-related business - good news! Beauty pins make up 11.7% of Pinterest, making it the second biggest category of pins on the site. With an audience made of 80% women, Pinterest is basically your ideal audience.
  • If you're a restaurant, cafe, or bar - congratulations to you too! Food and drink make up 10.5% of pins on Pinterest, and are the fourth biggest category. So you also have ample opportunities to share your content.
  • If you aren't either of those business types - don't panic. There's a massive variety of popular content on Pinterest, including inspirational (9%), holiday or seasonal (4%), and humor (2.1%).
  • Don't just pin things that relate directly to your business - even if your business falls into one of the most popular categories. A bit of variety is the spice of life - or so Pinterest tells us.
  • Remember that you're driving users to content. That's what Pinterest is good for. You probably won't get customers directly from the site, but you can use the images that you pin there to guide people to come back to your site and check out your content and products there. We pin articles and blog posts about marketing to help our customers.


  • If you do have a product based business, by typing the cost in the comments Pinterest will automatically add a little banner right there on the pin with the cost - it'll help show people that this is for sale, and get you more click throughs.
  • Use and show off your expertise. Pin videos or illustrations of "how to's" - manicures, up-dos and recipes work well, but so do more practical pins like how to change a tire, how to paint a door, or how to mend a shirt.
  • Don't forget that Pinterest is all about the visual. People are less likely to read the comments if the pin itself doesn't catch their eyes. If you need to, use an app like Studio or a program like Pixlr to add words directly to the image you're pinning.
  • Have fun! We have a variety of boards that we pin just for fun, like Cats or Dogs (a common discussion here in the LoyalBlocks office), New York New York (what can we do - we love it!), or Things We Heart (check it out and then rate our geekiness on a scale of 1 to Vulcan).


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Using Pinterest to Market Your Business, where we'll show you some of our favorite examples of pinners doing it right!

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