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Building Relationships... With Your Bartender

Posted by Andrew Lynch on Nov 20, 2013 7:40:15 AM

relationship Free drinks anyone?

My family owned a business while I was growing up, and I have built a career in sales with small businesses supporting me. I like to support local businesses as much as possible. It makes me feel a part of my community and is my way of giving back.

When I visit places that greet me on the way in, no matter how many times I've been there before, their "hello" still never gets old. Who doesn't like to be made to feel special? That first impression is the beginning of that business connecting and building a relationship with me.

There are of course many different ways to connect with customers on a local and personal level. We can all remember times when we've been sitting at a bar, either alone or with friends, and see someone at the bar chatting it up with the bartender - and that person is usually rewarded with something free. Personally, when I'm out socially at nights or on the weekend, I'm not the most talkative with the server or bartender. I talk for a living, so when I'm not at work I just like to relax and listen for once. When I see that person at the bar, I can't help but feel what can only be described as a sort of jealously for how well they're getting on with the bartender. Are they getting a free drink? Did they get a special discount? I can't help but wonder. Why can't I get that? I'm sure others know that feeling as well.

Nowadays there are so many way to build up those special relationships between businesses and customers. The LoyalBlocks program creates a level playing field for all customers to build that special relationship. I could have visited that store one or twenty times, and I'll know that those places want to thank me and build a stronger relationship with me. When I'm out working, sometimes I hear from potential LoyalBlocks merchants that "if someone is a regular, we'll give them a discount or something on the house." I can't help but wonder, "Well how do I, the customer, know that? When can I get one?", especially if it's a place that I've been to before. With LoyalBlocks I have that ability - and the opportunity to just relax, listen, and be a normal customer when I'm off work, just like everyone else.


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