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SMB Marketing Tips: Using Pinterest to Market Your Business - Part 2

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Nov 21, 2013 10:00:58 AM

Last week, we spoke about how to use Pinterest to market your business. This week we're going to look at some real life examples of people and businesses pinning, and talk about what we like about their methods.

  • Romano's Pizzeria Haverhill - Romano's Pizzeria focuses on food - after all, they are a pizza restaurant. They've grasped the opportunity that Pinterest gives to pin lots of yummy images of food, making us all drool and then head straight down to Haverhill. They have also branched out into other boards - like this great "Fun" board which has lots of pictures of waterslides, hiking trails, and equipment. They also have a collection of some great photos of staff and guests - showing that Romano's cares about both those groups!
  • Levin Tire Center - We love what the Levin Tire Center has done on Pinterest. At first thought you may wonder what a tire center could do, but they have been so imaginative with their boards that we just love following them. Creative Car and Tire Recycling, Unique Cars, and Car Humor are only some of the boards that the Levin Tire Center have created. We love it!
  • The Artistic Salon - A salon may be easier to pin for, but the folks at The Artistic Salon haven't taken anything for granted. They have pins related to Hair, Nails, Makeup, and a great board with tips, tricks and how-tos for those of us who a little less handy in the hair-do department.
  • Yooglers - Getting people to like frozen yogurt isn't that hard, and Yooglers have made the most of that with their Welcome to the Yooglers World, Yooglers Yummy Froyo Flavors, and Yooglers Frozen Yogurt Creations boards. They also have a nice board showing some of their happy customers tucking in - something that all potential customers will love to see.

This range of businesses and boards shows that anyone (and everyone) can use Pinterest for business. At LoyalBlocks, it's something that we really enjoy doing, and believe that we can add value to our followers by pinning content about SMB Marketing, showcasing some of our awesome partners, and of course providing a bit of light entertainment for our followers. Get pinning everyone!


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