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Merchant Monday: The Same Old Grind

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Nov 25, 2013 7:41:11 AM

Merchant Monday is a series of posts from LoyalBlocks about some of our favorite merchants. If you’re interested in being featured here, please contact Joanna. If you’re interested in becoming a LoyalBlocks merchant, head over to our website now to set up your customer loyalty program.

The Same Old Grind

The Same Old Grind opened in 1985 in Clairemont, San Diego. In April 2013 Sherilyn and James Watkins took over the coffee store and continued the excellent growth that the store had seen in the past years. They supply coffee, teas and pastries to locals, and are always updating their stock with seasonal menu items. Sherilyn and James are really loving their new challenge at The Same Old Grind, and love meeting locals and visitors that come by the store.

Find The Same Old Grind:

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We spoke with Sherilyn about her new endeavor. "We just love people who are happy to be out and enjoying our wonderful San Diego lifestyle, and of course anyone who decided to make The Same Old Grind a part of that experience," she said. We also spoke with her about loyalty, and how she wants to build this up among her regular customers. Sherilyn didn't hesitate before responding in a way that shows just how important her customers at The Same Old Grind are to her, and how she puts them first. "Loyalty is recognizing the needs of your regular customers and continually striving to meet and exceed those needs!"

Inside The Same Old GrindLoyalBlocks

The Same Old Grind started working with LoyalBlocks in October, and are really enjoying working with our app. "I love that LoyalBlocks makes it so easy for members to share what they are doing and enjoying with friends and family everywhere," said Sherilyn. "I think that LoyalBlocks is ground-breaking new technology that is just perfect for our business." The Watkins have set up a range of tokens, including rewards for inviting Facebook friends to join The Same Old Grind loyalty club, and perks for Facebook check ins. Their club is growing well, and we look forward to seeing more successes in the future!

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