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My Path to Customer Loyalty

Posted by Kathy Smith on Jan 2, 2014 11:34:12 AM

Kathy learning about customer loyalty at Key Food Kathy at Key Food

When I was 16, I started working at my neighborhood Key Food supermarket. Customer service and encouraging loyalty were key components of my job. There was more to it than simply bagging people’s groceries; I had to learn how to deal with people who were important to my business’s success. At a supermarket, since pretty much everyone needs to provide food for their families, you meet all different types of people. Some are more difficult than others, but everyone needs to be treated the same. For example, if a customer misunderstood a certain sale that was going on that week it was my job to tell them they were incorrect, but at the same time to sure they felt respected and appreciated. At the supermarket, there was a customer loyalty card that provided shoppers with discounts every week. Another part of my job was to remind a customer that they could get rewarded just for buying their daily groceries.

After 4 and a half years of being the best cashier I could possibly be, I parted ways with the supermarket, and started working at a neighborhood restaurant called Gourmet Grill. Now this is where customer loyalty was REALLY important. To encourage customers to come back, the restaurant ran a reoccurring coupon that appeared on their menus: “Get $5 off a purchase of $25 or more.” We had one group of patrons that came in every Friday night and arrived at 7:15 pm on the dot. When they came in, their wine glasses and salad bowls were already set on the table - we didn't do this for everyone but because they showed us loyalty, we showed them better service in return. Since I worked the same days every week, I started to get friendly with the customers that made coming to eat at Gourmet Grill a part of their weekly routine; it was essential to spend extra time with these customers to encourage their return.

Sometimes I get quite embarrassed by this, but by working at both these local establishments I became a well-known figure in my neighborhood. Sometimes people in the street would yell, “That’s the girl that works at Key Food!" Sometimes diners from the restaurant would recognize me, even after I stopped working there. I believe I achieved this “celebrity” status because I was friendly and appreciated every costumer I came across with.

After working at Key Food, the Gourmet Grill and graduating college, I find myself working at LoyalBlocks - where customer loyalty is a way of life. I'm happy to have had all these past experiences which have taught me the best ways to build up customer loyalty so that I can pass them on to you, and make your loyalty club successful.


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