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SMB Marketing Tips: Status FAQ - Your Questions Answered!

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Jan 23, 2014 1:10:18 PM

We've put together the top questions we've been asked about Status so far. We hope these answers will help you set up your status cards and grow your LoyalBlocks loyalty club to be bigger and better than ever!

Q. What is Status?
A. Status by LoyalBlocks is a tiered mobile membership card for your customers. It’s like a frequent flyer program that keeps them coming back by rewarding their loyalty with customizable privileges & rewards. Status is a new layer that we've added to your current LoyalBlocks loyalty program - and is built in for free as an addition for you to utilize.

Q. If I already have a LoyalBlocks account and tokens set up, what will happen to these?
A. If you have a premium LoyalBlocks account, you'll keep access to all your current features - we will never downgrade you or give you less than you are paying for. If you currently have a free account, you'll be switched over to our new free program and can upgrade as you wish later down the line. Your tokens are still there - we're just calling them rewards going forward (to make things easier for everyone!)

status dashboard

Q. Will Status cost me anything extra?
A. Not at all. Status is an additional free feature that we've added for you to take advantage of - it's built in to your current package.

Q. How many status tiers are there?
A. There are three - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It's totally up to you how long it takes your customers to upgrade and what they will be entitled to when they do.

Q. How do I set my status cards up?
A. Just sign into your dashboard and select the 'Status Cards' tab. From there, it's really easy to decide what you want to offer customers - just fill in what you want to reward them with each time they visit, what you want to reward them with as a one-time celebration for their upgrade, and after how many visits you want to upgrade them.

status cards

Q. How are rewards redeemed by customers?
A. All they have to do is show their phone to a member of staff. It'll be really easy to understand just from looking at the screen what they're entitled to, and whether it's a one time reward or an ongoing status perk (a privilege).

Q. What kind of things could I offer my customers?
A. Anything you want. Literally. A certain percent or amount off, skip the line, choose your own table, free drinks, hugs, a hanging basket... you are only bound by the limits of your imagination! The more relevant and interesting your rewards, the more you can entice your customers to come back!

Q. What should I do if I can't log into my dashboard?
A. Just contact us - send us your username, and we'll look into it for you!


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