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LoyalBlocks at SXSW 2014

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Mar 19, 2014 1:11:10 PM

SXSW 2014. The place where CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden spoke via Google Hangouts from Russia. Where you could climb The Wall from Game of Thrones with the help of the Oculus Rift. And where you could get the VIP treatment and freebies all day long, thanks to LoyalBlocks and Burro Cheese Kitchen. We had an amazing time at SXSW, and while we recover, here are some of our highlights and thoughts on what happened.

The Status Café

Trade shows can be exhausting places. You walk around for hours, being addressed by smiling people all wanting to sell you something. At LoyalBlocks, we wanted to provide a place where the privileged could sit down for a few moments, rest their weary feet, and recharge their batteries - both literally (we had charging stations for phones and other electronic devices) and metaphorically (free coffee? Done and done).

So, how to decide who is 'privileged' enough to enter? Easy. LoyalBlocks makes everyone a VIP out on the big bad streets, so we figured we could make anyone a VIP at the SXSW trade show as well. We invited people to download LoyalBlocks, join the Status Café club, and then relax to their hearts content.

The more social people got, the more they could get upgraded, and the better their rewards. By sending a tweet, snapping a photo on Instagram or sharing on Facebook, they could get free drinks, or a free sandwich at the best grilled cheese sandwich spot in town - Burro Cheese Kitchen (more on that later). Our paparazzi were also waiting to snap the VIPs dressed up to the nines for the occasion, and we had lots of fun seeing who could dress the best and flash the widest grin.

Some Status stats:
- 832 coffees served
- 320 tweets sent
- 127 Instagram photos posted
- 120 muffins demolished
- 15 feet of red carpet used (to compare - the Oscars use 500... but they don't have muffins)


Burro Cheese Kitchen

Burro Cheese Kitchen is one of LoyalBlocks Austin based merchants who had a food truck at SXSW's food 'court', SouthBites. We figured that as they have literally the best grilled cheese we have ever tasted, we would help them promote their truck and bring that amazing taste to as many people as possible at SXSW. How? With Status Cards of course! By downloading LoyalBlocks and joining the Burro Cheese Kitchen loyalty club, attendees could get money off sandwiches.

By tweeting about Burro Cheese Kitchen and LoyalBlocks, and using the #getstatus hashtag, members could be upgraded to Gold status and get a free OG sandwich - mmm! The sandwich became so popular that Burro actually sold out on Tuesday - that's a helluvalotta sandwiches that got munched!

We aren't the only ones who think that the Burro Cheese Kitchen sandwiches are the best. There were a lot of people at SXSW who agreed with us:

Some Burro Cheese Kitchen stats:
- Over 400 new loyalty club members
- 1402 sandwiches served
- 1 member of HBO Girls cast served (Alex Karpovsky, who plays Ray)


Even More Fun

As if free sandwiches, free coffee, and star studded guest lists weren't enough, we had some other exciting things going on last week at SXSW. We gave away a Chromecast to Adah Pittman, a brave and intrepid explorer who made it all the way across the trade show hall to arrive just in time to nab the prize - despite getting lost several times on the way.


After a week of no sleep, lots of coffee and fun, and getting to meet some wonderful people, we're excited to be back in New York. We're working on putting some of the feedback we received last week into action, we're refilling our coffee stock, and we'll see you all again next year!


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