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The LoyalBlocks Enterprise Solution

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Mar 25, 2014 7:49:20 AM

Three years ago, we started working to provide small businesses with technology solutions that only big businesses could afford. Most loyalty and marketing programs required such detailed set up and infrastructure that small, local businesses were simply outmatched by their larger, richer neighbors.

Since then, we've introduced LoyalBlocks to many thousands of local businesses across all 50 states. We've consistently listened to the voice of our customers as we developed better and better tools for brick-and-mortar loyalty and marketing.

Having expected to draw the attention of regional franchises, we’ve been hard at work in creating a comprehensive solution for multi-location businesses. We're now proud to welcome the first of these new partners to the LoyalBlocks ecosystem:

Franchise enterprise solution

Multilocation Enterprise Solution

To support businesses with more than one location, our enterprise solution provides a dashboard that allows franchises to manage all their locations at once. Rewards can be set up at this high level so that all stores offer the same items to loyal members. Edits can still be made per location if managers see that a specific store would benefit from a unique offer.

Statistics and analytics are available at a franchise level, and also broken down per individual store. Owners can easily compare stores, see what is working best where, and optimize accordingly. The LoyalBlocks system allows franchise business owners to manage relationships with their customers across multiple locations, by showing who is in each store, and allowing the manager to contact them via push or email in real-time. By running a smarter, more interactive loyalty program, the franchises we're working with are seeing boosts in sales, customer loyalty, and positive feedback.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Manage

Our LoyalBlocks enterprise solution is just as easy to set up and manage as our regular solution. All businesses receive our LoyalBlocks Beacon, utilizing iBeacon technology, which is set up and ready to go by the time it reaches their stores. All business owners have to do is place it somewhere on-site, set up their rewards, and they're ready to go. The simple set-up process is an attractive feature of LoyalBlocks - with no tech assistants or special instructions needed on the ground, each store can be set up in a matter of minutes.

We are excited to continue working to provide loyalty technology to both small, medium, and enterprise businesses, and continue to improve the services we offer as we develop and perfect more features within LoyalBlocks.

To learn more about the LoyalBlocks platform for multi-location businesses, contact us here.

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