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Merchant Monday: Kannah Creek Brewing Company

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Apr 28, 2014 1:19:52 PM

Merchant Monday is a series of posts about some of our favorite merchants. If you’re interested in being featured here, please contact Joanna. If you’re interested in becoming a LoyalBlocks merchant, head over to our website now to set up your customer loyalty program.

Kannah Creek Brewing Company

Kannah Creek Brewing Company is a locally owned and operated brewery in Grand Junction, Colorado, that opened in October 2005. They brew on-site, and have a restaurant where customers can sit, enjoy, and watch the brewers at work through a window at the bar. As well as their seven delicious mainstay beers, they have four rotating seasonal flavors - plus they make all their food using fresh ingredients. With food and drink this fresh, it's no wonder that they've recently opened a new restaurant and pub location - Edgewater Brewery; as well as a production facility in May 2013. Their beer is distributed throughout the state of Colorado.

Find Kannah Creek Brewing Company:
Facebook - Kannah Creek
Facebook - Edgewater Brewery


kannah creek brewing company

We spoke with Katlin Lubeley at Kannah Creek Brewing Company about their customers, and how they aim to keep people coming back. "Loyalty to us means someone who chooses to visit Kannah Creek Brewing Company over other establishments in town on a regular basis because of past experiences," says Katlin, emphasizing the importance of customer experience to all the staff at both the restaurant locations. "We have such a wide range of customers, and we love them all," she continued. "We love our regulars that frequent us on a regular basis - whether that's every afternoon for a beer or every Saturday evening with the whole family. We love the college students that come in before a Maverick sporting event or our Sunday afternoon patio people. We love customers that are passionate about craft beer or want to know more about craft beer. We also love customers that appreciate we make everything from scratch, and customers that love a great pizza creation. So pretty much, our ideal customer is anyone that enjoys drinking handcrafted beer and handmade food." Which is pretty much everyone on the planet!


Kannah Creek Brewing Company started working with LoyalBlocks in February 2014. In just under two months, they've managed to grow their club to over 200 members, and more people are joining every day. They've had four completed punch cards in that time, where they've rewarded loyal customers with a free pizza after five purchases. By encouraging customers to come back more often to finish up their punch cards, Kannah Creek Brewing Company are getting more business, more revenue - and of course rewarding their most deserving customers.

Kannah Creek Brewing Company pizza

The punch card is just one of the ways that Kannah Creek Brewing Company is using to reward their customers. In addition, they're using Facebook check-ins to get more exposure, fun t-shirt and sticker giveaways to attract more customers to their loyalty club, and our tiered status card to reward their most loyal customers with better perks.


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