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Tips and tricks: POP! It's a flash deal!

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Apr 29, 2014 11:42:45 AM

What if you were walking past your favorite coffee store and 'POP'! A message from them offering you a 50% discount on their delicious choca-mocha-hocus-pocus-latte-plus-marshmallows? Hells yes, I hear you scream.

That actually happened. True story (minus the hocus pocus). One of the great features of the LoyalBlocks loyalty clubs you've joined is the flash deals you can receive from your favorite businesses. You'll get a notification on your phone if a store in your area is offering a flash deal - and you'll usually have a few hours to take advantage of it before it runs out.

To really make the most of your membership, you're going to want to take advantage of these deals. You could receive a notification at any time, in any place - so you'll want to be ready!

First off - make sure you're actually getting the notifications. On an iPhone, just head over to your profile within LoyalBlocks and make sure that the Local campaigns notifications is set to 'on'. Androids have the settings inside the clubs themselves, so just head on it and decide when you want to get notifications. Obviously, we recommend setting these to 'Anywhere' to make sure that you never miss out!

LoyalBlocks flash deal LoyalBlocks flash deal

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