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Izzo's: The Big Gift Card Local Campaign Bonanza

Posted by Joanna Braunold on Jun 5, 2014 10:59:08 AM

Izzos Illegal Burritos is a Louisiana based burrito chain, with 14 branches across Louisiana and Mississippi. After growing their loyalty club to over 8,000 members since 2013, they recently ran an incredibly successful campaign to drive sales of their gift cards using LoyalBlocks.

Using LoyalBlocks local campaign feature, merchants can send messages to club members based on their location. Different messages can be sent to users who are in store, 1 mile away, 2 miles away - or anywhere at all. Merchants have been using this for a variety of cool things: sending out push messages to users with time limited offers; encouraging customers to visit the store during slow hours; and sending a push notification to all in-store members offering them a free shot if they do 10 push ups. So - useful to push extra business, and fun to boot!

Izzo's used LoyalBlocks' local campaigns feature as part of a special promotion for their gift vouchers. They sent push notifications to their 8,000+ membership directly from LoyalBlocks with an announcement about the promotion, and the results were incredible. Izzo's made a six-figure return in just one day.

Although they did also use other platforms to communicate the promotion (for example, Facebook), they found that LoyalBlocks was by far the best value and most effective. With LoyalBlocks, the message gets sent directly to customers phones as a push message, so there's no chance that they may miss it on their news feed in the noise. Not only that, but the campaign cost nothing for Izzo's to run, and required no upkeep, optimization or A/B testing to get off the ground.

“We’ve tried other channels to communicate with our customers before,” said Brad Mire, VP Operations at Izzo’s, “but none come close to LoyalBlocks. We’ve more than 8,000 followers on the platform, and when we used LoyalBlocks to announce a promotion to our customers last fall, we shattered a single day sales record without spending a nickel on the campaign. All we needed to do was send a message to the people that already have a relationship with us. That’s how loyalty marketing ought to work. There’s no better return on the investment out there.”


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LoyalBlocks has big plans for push notification campaigns like these. We just released new features that add to the functionality of our local campaigns, allowing merchants to customize these to their hearts content. Choose who to target by location or by tier (silver, gold, platinum, or everyone), plus limit the campaign by time to an hour, a day, a week, or a month. We have also added the ability to send vouchers directly from LoyalBlocks, so you can offer your customers a $5 voucher to spend in your store!

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