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Introducing: The New LoyalBlocks Dashboard

Posted by Ido Mart on Nov 13, 2014 10:54:32 AM

We're proud to announce the new & improved LoyalBlocks dashboard!

This is not a mere face-lift - We're introducing powerful new tools that can truly revolutionize the way you market your business and engage with your customers. Read on!


The new home screen

Our goal with the new home screen is to show you everything you need to know about your customer activity and marketing campaigns at a quick glance, and allow for intuitive and easy navigation between the many features at your disposal. The punch card has gotten an overhaul and has been brought back into the spotlight, you'll be able to track and edit your punch card activity right from the home screen, even from your mobile. Remember to log in daily to monitor your active campaigns and create new ones at a click of a button.


Push Message Campaigns
We've introduced a powerful new way to communicate directly with your customers. Push message campaigns allow you to target customers by location, last visit, birthday and status, in order to create a communication cadence that is sure to generate more foot traffic to your business. If punch cards are what gets your customers to join your club, the push message campaigns maintain the ongoing conversation that keeps your business activity high and your customers happy.

Health Meters
We've added a quick & easy way to see how your push-message campaigns are doing and get feedback at-a-glance. You don't always have time to dive into the details of your campaigns, but if there's something going wrong with one of your marketing initiative - You want an easy way to know it! On the flip side, how nice is it to see your campaigns constantly in the green? Check out the health meters wherever there's a campaign running.

We'll be rolling out even more marketing features during the next few weeks, including videos and walkthroughs to present the new dashboard in its full glory. Stay tuned!

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