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3 Ways Beacon Marketing Personalizes Your Relationship with Customers

Posted by Jennifer Newton on May 25, 2017 5:37:35 PM

 Beacon for your business - Welcome customers as they walk in your door.


Tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sites are great ways to keep up the communication with your customers. But with so many businesses on these platforms, and the constant changing of their sharing infrastructure, your connection can sometimes get lost… or just not reach the amount of people you’d hoped. For example, what happens when you post a status update on your company’s Facebook page these days? Not quite enough, right? Your update only gets viewed by a small portion of your followers. So, the pros have come up with new and intuitive ways for business owners, like you, to gain a more direct route to ALL of your customers. One particularly interesting emerging method is called beacon marketing.


What is Beacon Marketing?


Beacon marketing is a way for you to reach your customers using a small, wireless device (the beacon) that completely automates your customer communication. The beacon itself, gets placed next to your business storefront and runs on a low frequency Bluetooth. The beacon technology lets merchants, like you, transmit messages (like a custom greeting) directly to your customer’s smartphone as they walk through your door. Imagine being able to tell clients about a new service, an upcoming event or a new product and know, for sure, that they got the message. Read on, for three ways beacons can help you maintain personal relationships with your customers.


Beacon marketing makes customer loyalty a hands-free experience.


1. Beacons Make Customer Loyalty Easy


They say that a simple gesture goes a long way. A friendly welcome when someone walks in your door, a personal message that makes them smile - whatever it is, if you can succeed in improving the quality of your customer’s day, you’re on your way to building their loyalty. And that’s exactly what the beacon device aims to do for you. Not only does it send out a custom greeting created by you, it automatically checks customers into your place of business, without either of you having to lift a finger. It's truly a 0-click experience. You are going to love it for freeing up your time, and they are going to love you for making everything so friendly and easy for them! It’s a win-win. 


Reach customers in the right place at the right time with beacon technology.


2. Reach Customers in the Right Place, at the Right Time 


Push notifications (messages that pop up on a mobile device) are another great way business owners are engaging customers directly. Unlike a text message, a notification feels less intrusive, yet it's just as effective. But, Timing. Is. Everything. While a push notification gets to the right person, a beacon device delivers your message just at the right moment. According to mobile advertising firm, Beintoo, messages that are transmitted by a beacon increases the success rate by 40%! This is purely because of the relevancy of the message. Sending it at the right time, in the right place, to the right person makes a huge difference in conversion, making beacon marketing a great addition to your business’ retention strategy.


Send push messages so customers won't forget you.


3. Beacons Won't Let Customers Forget You


The way the beacon usually works is, it’s connected to an app that your customer has already downloaded. Customer loyalty apps, like, for example, provide businesses with a loyalty program to help retain their customers AND a beacon device to place in their store front. But what good is an app if it’s downloaded and forgotten about months later? Well, the beacon can help solve that problem for you. Its technology can actually activate your customer’s long lost app once it sends a relevant message to their phone. It’s like a little reminder, a wake up call if you will, for your customer to start engaging with your loyalty program once again. And a business that’s remembered, is a business that succeeds. 


Got questions about beacon devices or Feel free to send an email: or call: 855-855-6925. 

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