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4 Essentials for a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

Posted by Jennifer Newton on May 11, 2017 10:30:39 AM

Loyalty rewards program helps you create a relationship with customers.


Creating a relationship with your customers is key these days to having an edge over your competitors. Sure you can sit down, chat with your customers, shake their hand. But there’s an easier way. It’s called a loyalty rewards program. And it essentially lets you say “Welcome, we care!” without uttering a word.


Not sure how to create one? Whether you’re a business that’s trying to figure out how to use digital tools to promote your storefront, or you’re a high-tech veteran, we’ve got 4 essentials and how-to tips that will help you create a successful rewards club in no time.


Send rewards through our customer loyalty app


1.  Stunning Loyalty Club

80% of customers are more likely to return to stores that offer some sort of customer loyalty or rewards program. Create a space for your business where customers can join, keep in touch with you and get rewarded. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The flok platform, for instance, lets you easily customize a customer loyalty club for your business. Simply choose a color, upload your logo and add a picture. 


How to: Log in/Sign up to > choose a punch card > design your loyalty club > publish with a free trial on our rewards app.


Digital punch cards make it easy to bring customers back again and again.


2.  Digital Punch Card

Offering customers a digital punch card for your business is one of the easiest ways you can bring them back again and again. Simply choose a sweet reward that your customers can redeem after their punches are fulfilled and start enjoying that customer retention. Your punch card reward should properly relate to your business. If you’re a cafe, you can offer a free coffee after 10 punches, a florist could offer a free bouquet, and so on.


How to: Log in/Sign up to > choose a punch card > design your loyalty club > publish with a free trial on our rewards app. 


Send relevant push notifications to build personal relasionships with customers.


3.  Push Notifications

Excite your customers and win them back to your door, by sending friendly push notifcations to their phone. This feature helps you maintain a strong and personal relationship with them. Try a happy birthday message, a reminder to visit, share company news and offer new rewards. Better than sending a text message, a notification feels exclusive, targeted and almost never viewed as being spam. 


How to: Log in to your account > go to the notifications tab > create a notification


Beacon technology acts as your personal customer greeter.


4.  Beacon and Proximity Marketing

Catch customers while they’re nearby. A beacon is a small, wireless device that acts as your own personal greeter at your place of business. It enables you to send a custom notification to new or returning customers who are walking by or into your place of business. You can use this accessory to promote a new product, mention a new service or let them know about an upcoming event you have.

How to: Create your loyalty club > publish it through flok’s free trial > a flok representative will arrange to send you a beacon. 


Got questions? Send us an email: or give us a call: 855-855-6925.


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