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Everyone Wins With A Digital Punch Card

Posted by Cailin Sandvig on Feb 9, 2015 10:53:00 AM

Scenario 1: A man walks into a coffee shop. A few moments later, he has his daily latte in one hand, but he can’t leave yet - he’s holding up the line, digging through his overstuffed wallet, trying to find the right punch card. Bits of paper are flying everywhere. Customers behind him, eager to start their morning commutes, are getting restless. To everyone’s irritation, he’s lost his card. He swears he was only one punch away from the coveted freebie, but the barista’s hands are tied, and all she can do is offer him a new card with a single punch. No one is having a very good morning.

Scenario 2: A man walks into a coffee shop. A few moments later, coffee in hand, he pulls out his phone and receives his digital punch. The barista smiles, informing him that tomorrow’s coffee is free. He’s out the door. Customers behind him wonder: how did that happen so fast? It’s a pretty good start to the day.

Conclusion: Get a digital punch card for your business with LoyalBlocks and you will have happy customers.

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