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Cailin Sandvig

Cailin Sandvig is the Content Manager at LoyalBlocks, which is a good fit as she likes words and has always wanted to wield power over them.
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Introducing Text-To-Join


We have made it easier than ever to get LoyalBlocks and get rewarded!

Introducing Text-To-Join! When you text ‘JOIN’ to 62687, you instantly receive a text message response with a link directly to the LoyalBlocks app download page.

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Improving Your Business With Push Notifications

Technology is changing the way you interact with your customers. Though perhaps less charming than the interaction of yesteryear, where relationships got built through repeat visits and casual conversations, technology is making customer communication far more effective than it has been in the past.

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Everyone Wins With A Digital Punch Card

Scenario 1: A man walks into a coffee shop. A few moments later, he has his daily latte in one hand, but he can’t leave yet - he’s holding up the line, digging through his overstuffed wallet, trying to find the right punch card. Bits of paper are flying everywhere. Customers behind him, eager to start their morning commutes, are getting restless. To everyone’s irritation, he’s lost his card. He swears he was only one punch away from the coveted freebie, but the barista’s hands are tied, and all she can do is offer him a new card with a single punch. No one is having a very good morning.

Scenario 2: A man walks into a coffee shop. A few moments later, coffee in hand, he pulls out his phone and receives his digital punch. The barista smiles, informing him that tomorrow’s coffee is free. He’s out the door. Customers behind him wonder: how did that happen so fast? It’s a pretty good start to the day.

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When Freebies Work

Is there a situation when giving away your product for free can lead to more profits?  In the world of brick and motar retail, the answer is often yes. 

You are no dummy.  You can do the math.  When you give something away for free, you lose money and profits decrease.  However, in the case of brick and mortar retail, this logic is often defied.  Giving away freebies has the potential to increase how much a customer spends, expand your customer base and improve your revenue. 

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