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Loyalty Clubs to Get Inspiration From

Posted by Jennifer Newton on Jul 24, 2017 10:01:51 AM


 Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration from people around you to get your own business moving in the right direction. So we've rounded up a few good looking loyalty clubs on the flok app, to help those of you interested in starting or refreshing your own customer loyalty program. Explore the following businesses - see what they're offering their club members and pick up some tips along the way. Got some customer loyalty tips of your own? Add them here through the Comments section!




1. Terri (Midtown)


Terri is a small vegan restaurant business with 2 locations in NYC. Its business owner created a loyalty rewards program with flok so they could offer customers an easy punch card solution with personalized rewards. Check out the page they put together.


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.19.07 PM.png


Terri created a digital punch card that works for their business. They set a minimum purchase price so that everyone would be happy.


Terri Punch Card.png


Terri also offers the birthday reward which flok automatically sends out to Terri's club members. This is an easy way to make customers feel special - creating a stronger bond with your brand.


Terri Birthday Reward.png


Tempting food photos were added to entice customers to stop in and grab a bite. Well lit, finely curated photos can help create a great visual for people who have never visited your store, as well as temp regular customers to come again.  


Terri Loyalty Photos.png


2. Sequels Consignment Boutique


Sequels Consignment Boutique opted to include their website URL in their club's header details, making it easy for customers to learn even more about them. The short "About" text lets every member know exactly what the store sells and flok's "Welcome reward" motivates members to visit their store for an immediate discount.


Sequels Consignment Boutique Punch Card.png


Sequels opted to include flok's "How it works" image in their profile. This simple diagram makes it easier for customers to understand how to join a club and earn rewards. 


Sequels Consignment Boutique How Customer Loyalty Works.png


3. Cafe Bari


This coffee shop has been offering Fair Trade coffee to New Yorkers since 1993. You can learn this and more in their club's "About" section. Adding personal details to your About text can help create a bond with your customers and make you feel more legit.


Cafe Bari Customer Loyalty .png


Bari keeps their punch card reward simple and clear. You complete 10 digital punches and your next drink is free. Sometimes the simplest offerings are the most attractive to your club members.


Cafe Bari Digital Punch Card.png


Added photos entice customers to visit their shop. 


Cafe Bari Customer Loyalty Photos.png


3. Lillie's Cupcakes


This small Canadian cupcake shop created a customer loyalty profile that includes all the details a club member would need. A short "About" section, a map for easy location and more.


Lillie's Cupcakes Digital Punch Card.png


Store hours were added to let customers know when they can visit. This is especially useful if your business hours are out of the norm - help your customers purchase from you at the right time.


Lillie's store hours.png


Enticing photos are a must for a cupcake store. In the food biz too? Post some scrumptious close-ups of your most stunning offerings to remind customers what they'll miss if they don't stop by. 


Lillie's Cupcakes loyalty photos.png


Lillie's punch card offers club members a free cupcake after they get 10 punches on their digital punch card. 


Lillie's cupcakes punch card app.png


Like most businesses with a customer loyalty club, Lillie's offers a welcome reward to all their new club members. This is such a quick, easy way to acquire new customers and start building their loyalty.


Lillie's customer loyalty welcome rewards.png


Ready to get customers back in your door with your own customer loyalty club? Get started with flok!


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