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More than just a punch card: A brief overview of the most powerful Flok features!

Posted by Rebecca Weinberg on Oct 5, 2015 3:33:34 PM


Yes--the punch card is the face of flok, BUT flok offers so much more!


flok is a mobile marketing solution which aims to foster customer loyalty. There are a bunch of powerful, impressive features that your business can utilize. Your flok app is also completely customizable, so you can brand your business correctly.


Aside from the punch card, the flok platform enables you to send push notifications. A good example is the Birthday Campaign, where you can send a  "Happy Birthday" reward to your customers at the beginning of a month. Fun fact--these can be automated, saving you time and effort.


You can link your social media accounts to your flok Dashboard. This is great for promoting your business on the app!



Chat directly with your customers with the chat feature. If Mike wants to know if you have raspberry cupcakes in stock, you can answer him in a moment's notice!


View your business Analytics in real time. See how many punches were given, rewards were redeemed, etc...Analytics are an integral part of measuring the success your business is having using flok.


And last but not least, the infamous digital Punch Card--where you can edit the amount of punches needed, given and what the reward is once a punch card is complete!



  There's SO MUCH more where that came from!

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